Critique of graph from WTFviz

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Having a graph with two y-axises is rarely a good idea. The graph below has percentages (of something unknown) for seven countries. Six of these countries are on a standard left y-axis, while one, Great Britain, is on a right, second y-axis. This is bad practice as it is confusing and misrepresents the data. In fact, the graph looks more striking with all percentages on a single y-axis which can be seen in the corrected version below.

Unfortunately, I do not have the data on which the original graph is based, I took the values directly from the chart. The values, therefore, are an approximation of the original chart, however, the concepts remain true.

In addition to fixing the y-axis problem, the original graph repeated the year 2016 and had 1017 and 1018 on the x-axis. The updated graph assumes that the x-axis is meant to be in consecutive years and therefore runs from 2007 to 2019. This is in line with the number of data points and x-axis labels on the original graph.

The corrected version of the graph is English, not Polish.

Original Graph:

Corrected Graph:

This graph is much more representative of the data. Due to the larger scale, the changes in the percentages are less pronounced (excluding Great Britain). You can also see that Singapore barely comes above Britain in 2008, something which looks drastically different on the first graph.

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