Rationale for data story

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I chose to do a story based on the release of new figures from the Home Office regarding stop and search data. The data showed that the trend of stop and search disproportionately affecting black individuals has continued. Additionally, it showed that the practice of stop and search has increased in use from the previous year by 24 per cent.

This story was particularly pertinent as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is in its report stage in the House of Lords. This Bill has caused controversy over its provisions to increase the stop and search powers of the police.

Thus, this story reports on both the new numbers released by the Home Office as well as the Bill, which activists believe will continue the trend of increasing stop and search procedures.

The stories are very intrinsically linked, with the Government supporting stop and search as well as the Bill, and therefore work well together.

The Home Office data can be downloaded at the link below. It is the stop and search data for England and Wales to the Year ending in March 2021.

The main sheets used in this story are SS_18, SS_20 and SS_21.


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