Month: March 2021

Police and Protestors Clash in Central London

Police and protestors clashed on Saturday as thousands took to Oxford Street in Central London to protest the national lockdown.   Piers Corbyn, brother of ex-Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, and actor Laurence Fox were among the protestors. The protest saw minimal social distancing with many protestors challenging mask-wearing bystanders as well as police. One protestor

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New Legislation Gives Police Power to “Tackle Non-Violent Protests”

The Government has unveiled new legislation that will overhaul the justice system and gives police the power to break up non-violent protests. The Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Courts Bill was met with a mixed response after its first reading in the House of Commons on March 9. According to a government press release, the bill

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Older Ruislip Residents to Pay More Council Tax

Council tax will increase for Ruislip pensioners after Hillingdon Council scrapped the Older People’s Discount on Council Tax with the passing of the 2021/22 budget last Thursday. The Older People’s Discount (ODP), eligible to people over 65, granted a discount on Council Tax. More significantly, the ODP kept taxes frozen at the 2006 rate. Households

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