Pro-Palestinian Protesters take to the Streets in Central London

Thousands of people took to the streets in Central London today to protest Israel’s recent actions against the Gaza Strip and to stand in solidarity with Palestine. This comes during an intense aerial bombardment campaign by Israel in retaliation to rocket attacks launched by Hamas from the Gaza strip. Hamas has claimed the initial rocket

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Hiking in the South Downs: The Seven Sisters

View of the Seven Sisters and the Ocean

Seaford to Eastbourne —12.5 miles Whether work’s got you down or you just need a small break, if you want to get away from the bustle of London a hike in the South Downs is the perfect way to enjoy nature without having to travel too far from the city.  Although not extraordinarily difficult, trekking

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Explained: Voter Suppression in America

A hand dropping a vote into a ballot box

Voter turnout for the US Presidential Election 2020 was at its highest since 1900, with around two thirds of the electorate coming out in support of their candidate. Although a significant improvement, largely driven by the polarization of the electorate and the work of grassroots voting rights activists, the US still lags most Western democracies

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